Type or die.

Part of learning a new keyboard layout is actually using it and practicing.
I started using a quite friendly program called Ten Thumbs to learn Dvorak, but my trial ended and i only had learned about 50% of the KB.
After that, i remembered i had read in a magazine about a typing horror game of sorts, called “Typing of the dead”. So i googled it up, and it turns out it’s been marked as abandonware since late 2006, so it’s pretty much a free download if you can find it.

The game is actually a mock up of “The house of the dead 2” a shooter-on-rails about zombies with one the worst script i’ve ever seen (not to mention the voice acting). But instead of shooting the zombies, you get to type a word or phrase depending on the difficulty of the creature. It really adds hilarity to the whole thing that the protagonist uses a keyboard and carries a super sized battery and a dreamcast on it’s back.

Anyways, this thing is really fun, and even tho it gets old easily; the drill mode keeps you typing top notch in a fun way.


It’s aliiiveeeeeee!

Hey, i’m finally back (somehow). Good news though, i finally finished moving and i love my new home; mom got a few complications regarding her operation, but she’s been fine for a good three weeks now.

On other news, i switched to Dvorak (goodbye good ole qwerty) Pics of the awesome conversion follow:

(click to zoom)

I’m still learning, but i can touch type already (2 weeks after the mod)

I’m thinking about switching to carplax’s XBUL layout, since they say it overrules Dvorak but… damn; maybe later xD.

Updates on art?

Did a minor update on the panda pic.