We knew it was bound to happen…

Well, this i missed yesterday’s daily sketch; and i did do something today, but it totally sucks.

Also, i’m hungry and high on OJ (YES, ORANGE JUICE; FFFFUCK) right now.

So, for the sake of blogging… here. have something; ‘fellas. (click on it, bitches you know you want to)

by the by; that HAWT 80’s dream machine ( AKA Yamaha DD-05) became mine for the awesome quantity of 20 US dollars. Brand NEW, guise; i swear.  I don’t know how the fuck it got intact to my hands (these babies were produced back in ’88), but it did… and i love it; even if it sounds cheesy and stupidly robotic.



Daily Sketches (july 3 and 4)

So, i went on and donated blood for mum’s operation (she’s getting surgery next week) and i took it as an excuse for being lazy on friday (day 4).


As i was laying down on the table, with my blood being drawn; i got into this euphoric mood and started laughing like crazy; the nurse that was in shift, started asking me if i was fine; i answered laughing: “yeah, it just feels weird”. I started feeling cold all of a sudden, and she kept asking if i felt fine;”Yeah, i’m fi-” not having finished my phrase, this other doctor walks in and looks me in the eye, only to ask the nurse:
“was this man THIS pale when he came in?”
– “well, no; but he says he’s fine”
-“and i say the SKY is orange… kid do you feel cold or dizzy by any chance?”

i burst into laughter and told him it happened when he walked in. All he did was lift the blood bag to the bed and told me to slow the hand presses.  The euphoria ended and it was all downhill from there. And they gave me apple juice  and a sammich :3.

I did not do a daily sketch on day 3 mainly because i worked around with the panda’s coloring. here’s a WIP


Also, i fucked up my mac’s hard drive while installing windoze and had to completely re-format.
God bless the Leopard team for making Time Machine, my documents and settings were kept exceptionally tidy; not to mention it was fast and easy to recover them.

Too bad i don’t have enough space for the system and applications backup, i would’ve saved a lot of time getting my apps back.

Anyways; i now can boot to MacOS or Windoze in 30 seconds or so, and i love it.
After that, OC session with Allethaen and Denryuu; THIS came out (trying out my hand at Klesk’s style)

Daily Sketch (july 2)

so, i got about 4 hours of sleep yesterday; not to mention i had to go to the gym and nearly died of exhaustion. BUT THAT DON’T MATTER CUZ IMMA GO TO GET SOME RIB EYE TODAY FUCKERSSSSS.

also, daily sketch thing go!i did myself and two of the gang as furries just for kicks… i’ll finish the series later, and i might even do a group pic (sounds fun, huh!?)

Also, Crappy webcam shot again.

Daily Sketch (July 1)

Okay; so, i was lazy to scan this time around, and believe me; it looks better live… XDD

also; crappy webcam shot in the dark.

Protip: Never go on a date if you DON’T like the other person.