Daily sketches (june 30)

So, here i am again…  was watching some boondocks and kind of got some inspiration from it.

BTW i watched Kung fu panda today. The Mexican dub is good, but not perfect ( i disliked the fact that they used the same voice actor for The incredibles’ Syndrome). I’ve gotta watch the original voice acting to see what i missed. And BOY that 2D sequence at the beggining PWNS the whole movie; i swear.

So, here’s Huey Freeman from boondocks on his mid twenties with a bad shave.


Daily sketches (june 29)

well, i’m actually cheating; these are yesterday’s sketches. and the ones i did today; i’ll keep them safe ’till further notice.

this be heather meowing too fucking hard, don’t ask why. And some sort of brainstorming doodles.. nothing important. really.

Heather AHEMbrainstorm